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Violet Leaf Absolute Oil
$ 933.00
  • This essential oil is extracted from either the flower and/by means of solvent extraction. Violet Leaf Absolute is well respected for its relaxing, soothing and inspiring properties. It has long been used for sensitive skin conditions. Its scent is also thought to comfort in times of stress and anxiety.
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  • It is especially effective on dry skin and can help soothe and heal inflammation.
  • It has anti-inflammatory compounds and helps the sufferers of rheumatism and arthritis by relaxing their painful muscles and joints.
  • Because of its expectorant properties, it can be diffused near your bed and the vapors inhaled helps to clear your lungs and any sort of congestion.
  • Helps in fighting insomnia.
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name - Viola odorata
  • Country Of Origin – India
  • Color & Odor –Dark brown to black brown paste with Characteristic vanillin like odor
  • Solubility - Soluble in water. Immisible in oils
  • Flash Point - >100 °C
  • Specific Gravity- 1.00 – 1.10 @ 20°C
  • Refractive Index- 1.42 – 1.45 @ 20 C
  • Optical Rotation - 16º 40' @ 20ºC
  • Major Constituents - Nonadienal, Parmone, Hexyl alcohol, Bezyl alcohol
  • Extraction Method -Solvent Extraction of the whole ripe fruit

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