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Niaouli Essential Oil
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  • The aroma of Niaouli oil is used especially during meditation to revive your senses, improve concentration and uplift the spirit. It is vitally usedto apply to the skin of the cancer patients before every session of cobalt therapy for protecting the skin from burning due to the radiation therapy for cancer. Not just this, it is a great product of nature because it also used in cough drops, rubs, mouth sprays, toothpastes, gargles and certain other cosmetic products.
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  • Heals scars and skin infections naturally.
  • Relieves rheumatic and other pain and provides a calming effect.
  • Helps in fever and respiratory problems.
  • Kills worms and helps in cleaning of stomach.
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name – Melaleuca quinquenervia
  • Country Of Origin –Madagascar
  • Color & Odor - Colorless to yellow liquid @22C with Sharp, cineloic odor
  • Solubility - Soluble in Alcohols, Essential Oils and insoluble in water
  • Specific Gravity - 0.921 @ 72°F
  • Refractive Index - 1.465 @ 72°F
  • Flash Point - 123 F
  • Optical Rotation - N/A
  • Major Constituents - cineole, limonene, y-terpineol, a-phellandrene, linalool, a and b pinene, piperitone
  • Extraction Method - Steam Distillation

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