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Myrtle Essential Oil
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  • Often used as a flavouring agent for beverages,Myrtle oil is also known for its antimicrobial, astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used as an effective deodorizer. Not just known for its fragrance, this oil also helps in keeping urinary infection at bay and helps in respiratory illnesses as well. This is also used in skincare and as a remedy to regulate menstrual cycle.
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  • It is used to help treat cerebral infections, specifically epilepsy.
  • Also used by aroma therapists for skin health and respiratory ailments.
  • Used to keep the mosquitoes away and other insects. Also sprayed as an air freshener.
  • It also provides relief from tension, stress, anger. distress as well helps in inflammation, irritation and allergies.
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