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Manufacturers and Exporters of :- 100% Pure Essential oils
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  • Moringa Carrier Oil has a very stable composition and is rich in anti-oxidants, thus increasing its shelf life. It is also rich in Palmitoleic, Oleic and Linoleic acids and vitamins A & C. It possesses high nourishing quality and is great for all skin types to improve the skin tone and add shine too. It also benefits in treating damaged hair, strengthen nails and as a moisturizing agent in lip balms.
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  • Uses
  • Works great for mature skin and skin ageing issues
  • An effective ingredient for manufacturing moisturizers, creams and lotions
  • Helps strengthen brittle nails and promotes nail growth
  • Used in massages along with other carrier oils
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name – Moringa Oliefera
  • Country Of Origin – India
  • Processing Type - Refined
  • Extraction Method - Cold Pressing of Seeds
  • Color & Odour – Pale Yellow to Green in Color and odorless
  • Solubility - Soluble in Oil & Alcohol
  • Specific Gravity - 0.95 – 0.96
  • Refractive Index - 1.4610 AT 40°C
  • Flash Point - 250°C
  • Shelf Life – Users can expect a shelf life of 2 years with proper storage conditions , the oil should be kept in cool dry place and should not be exposed to sunlight.

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