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Menthol Essential Oil
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  • Menthol oil is used for flavouring since centuries. But not just that it has its application in aromatherapy and therefore is applied to sore muscles, pain in joints. It is also used as an ingredient in various balms and sprays for pain relief. Provides relief to sinus cavities thus reducing headache caused by sinus it.
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  • The most it is known for is its cooling effect
  • It is often applied topically to reduce the perception of heat and is an ingredient in massages.
  • Acts as a remedy for cold, cough.
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name – Mentha piperita
  • Country Of Origin – USA
  • Color & Odor – Clear to Pale yellow cyrstal-like liquid @22C with Characteristic to menthol odor
  • Solubility - Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils
  • Specific Gravity - 0.890 @ 72°F
  • Refractive Index - 1.458 @ 72°F
  • Optical Rotation - -49
  • Flash Point - 93 °C
  • Major Constituents - N/A
  • Extraction Method - Steam Distillation

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