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Galbanum Essential Oil
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  • The benefits of this oil are dated back when it was used in perfumes, mixes in baths and in balms. The earthy and woody aroma bring pleasure to the mind and the soul. The oil is known for stimulation of blood circulation. It acts as a detoxifier as well. It is particularly praised for its effectiveness for clearing congestion.
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  • Uses
  • Acts as a detoxifier, it is a sure shot remedy to acne, boils and abscesses
  • It has effects that every skin desires, It rejuvenates aging of the skin and gives a younger and toned look.
  • It keeps the insects away and hence is sprayed as a room freshener.
  • It has remarkable property to heal wounds. It inhibits any microbial growth in the wounded area and makes it heal faster
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name – Ferula Galbaniflua
  • Country Of Origin – Turkey
  • Color & Odor – Yellow transparent liquid @22C with an intensely green, fresh leafy odor
  • Solubility - Soluble in Alcohol and oils & insoluble in water.
  • Specific Gravity - 0.86700 to 0.91600 @ 25.00 °C
  • Refractive Index - 1.480 @ 72°F
  • Flash Point - 150F
  • Optical Rotation - N/A
  • Major Constituents - Iso-acetophenone
  • Extraction Method - Steam Distillation

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