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  • They contain various antioxidant properties and have the ability to control gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, excessive acid secretion, peptic ulcers, dysentery, and an unhealthy cholesterol balance.
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  • Uses
  • The health benefits of this oil can be attributed to its properties as an antispasmodic, carminative and digestive.
  • Aromatherapists use Dill Seed Essential Oil with being stimulating, revitalizing, restoring, purifying, balancing and a cleansing agent
  • It is used as a disinfectant,
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name – Anthem Graveolens
  • Country Of Origin – South west and Central Asia
  • Color & Odor – pale yellow clear liquid with spicy odor
  • Solubility - soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water
  • Specific Gravity - 0.895-0.915 @ 20 C
  • Refractive Index - 1.481-1.491 @ 20 C
  • Optical Rotation -(+7000’)-(+8200’)@ 20 C
  • Flash Point - N/A
  • Major Constituents -d-carvone, dilapiol, dhc, eugenol, limonene, terpinene and myristicin
  • Extraction Method - steam distillation

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