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Black Pepper Spice Oil
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  • Black pepper essential oil is extracted from dried, fully grown but unripe fruit of pepper plant, which is a perennial woody vine that has heart shaped leaves & small white flowers. It is highly beneficial when used during massage for easing ache in the muscles and joints. It is commonly known as kaali Mitch, it is highly used in curries for better taste and flavours
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  • Uses
  • It has medicinal applications as well as is used as a stimulant to treat weak membranes like runny nose, hemorrhoids
  • Further, these are also used in ayurvedic medicines, as antidepressants, antioxidants
  • It helps in preventing cholesterol from changes leading to calcification as well as in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name – Piper nigrum
  • Country Of Origin – India
  • Color & Odor – light yellow liquid with a sharp peppery smell
  • Solubility - Insoluble in cold water, hot water
  • Specific Gravity - 0.873-0.916 @ 20 C
  • Refractive Index - 1.480-1.499 @ 20 C
  • Optical Rotation - (-10001)+ (+30) @ 20 C
  • Flash Point - 43.333°C
  • Major Constituents -3% essential oil; 80% content of monoterpenes including sabinene, limonene, beta-pinene, terpinene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, delta-3-carene;monoterpene derivatives like carvone, borneol, carvacrol, linalool, 1,8-cineol; 20% of essential oil like beta-caryophyllene, beta-bisabolone, humulene, caryophyllene, ketone
  • Extraction Method - steam distillation

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